Meet Our Event Speakers

Brandon Barnum

Executive Affiliate, Bankcode

Brandon Barnum, is CEO of Codebreaker Technologies, Inc. He has been building tech companies for over 22 years and, most recently, was Co-Founder and President of, the world’s largest referral network of over 5 million members in 200+ countries.

Codebreaker's AI (Artificial Intelligence) Technology Brandon’s company brings gives people the language to use with each customer – making it not only intensely customer-focused but it makes a significant difference for Sales Professionals, people in Relationships, and even parents.

Brandon’s high-touch/high-tech firm is “Cracking the Personality Code” to achieve record sales and real wealth.” With the help of Artificial Intelligence, Brandon’s Corporate team, and a global network of Affiliates and Trainers are making a significant, game-changing impact on the world of business.

Stuart Gethner

Owner and Founder of Phelps Capital and Consulting

Stuart Gethner is a seasoned Real Estate Investor who has personally invested in over 10 million dollars in single-family residences, commercial properties, industrial complexes, land opportunities, and hard-money lending transactions. He’s successfully partnered to own three thriving independent Pharmacies, owned a franchise and has joint ventured with students and investors all over the world on various business opportunities.

Nearly from the start of his investing tenure, Stuart has been educating others how to find deals and properly execute on them. From his humble beginnings as an instructor at the Arizona Real Estate Investor’s Association and the National Real Estate Education Seminars, to having the Arizona Board of Real Estate accredit many of his courses for continuing education credit, Stuart’s knowledge of the industry runs deep.

Now, the CEO of Gethner Education, Coaching & Consulting, Stuart has coached hundreds of students on how to successfully invest. He also founded and actively heads up Networking REI, a thriving real estate investing group that meets on a monthly basis. Even as a young boy, Stuart recalls watching real estate investing television programming and finding the topic fascinating.

From a young age, the financial and logical progressions of real estate investing sparked his interest and Stuart was hooked. While his professional life has taken him in various directions, including obtaining his pharmaceutical license, eventually, Stuart decided to take the plunge and launch his own business in 1997.

Vladi Sasic

Managing Partner, WestPac Wealth Partners

Making smart financial decisions has become increasingly hard in the complex financial world we live in. At his best, Vladi helps his clients develop a blueprint and the means necessary for them to achieve optimal financial balance. The goal is that his clients and their families can enjoy the life they want, not only today but for generations to come. His commitment to his clients is supported by relationships the firm has built throughout the local and national network of professionals and specialists. This allows him to come up with strategies that are as unique as his client’s problems.

Vladimir was born and raised in the country of Serbia. He grew up playing tennis, the sport that ultimately landed him in Hawaii on a scholarship at BYU-Hawaii. In 2001, Vladimir earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics. His understanding of numbers and winning attitude quickly translated into a successful career in the financial services industry, where he held various leadership positions, both locally and on the mainland, before returning to the islands and joining WSP in 2009.

In his fifteen-year long career, Vladimir has received numerous awards and recognition for his contributions and service. Being the student of the business, Vladimir has obtained different licenses and certifications, most notably General Securities Principal, Chartered Financial Consultant®, Certified Financial Planner™ and Accredited Estate Planner®. Vladimir is very much involved in the local community and is a proud member of the National Association of Insurance and Financial Advisors, Hawaii Estate Planning Council, as well as the Association for Advanced Life Underwriting.

Robert W. Jones

Founder of Network Together, Event Host and Organizer

Robert W. Jones is the Founder and Owner of Network Together, LLC the largest non-franchised independently owned business networking organization in Arizona. He is a former Internet Marketer, Speaker, Leader and Mentor to business owners looking to practice the skills of networking, public speaking, digital promotion and event presentation.

His company puts on over 1000 events and meetings per year and has at least 12 large-sized event management projects per year with his company NT Events. Colleagues call Robert an energy creator as he uses his skills to engage, lead and inspire, as he teaches his Network Together Way to audiences. He has media experience on stage, on set, and in studio as a host or guest. Hire him to get your event, or network, working today.

Don McGrath and Jim Grant

Founders of Speaker Pathway Coalition, Event Host and Organizer

Don Mcgrath, Ph.D. an award winning author and professional speaker, having written ‘50 Athletes Over 50’… ‘Psychological Approaches For Optimal Rock Climbing’ and ‘The Climb: A Leadership Fable About Navigating Challenging Change’. Jim Grant is a a retired Master Sergeant that served 3 years on Active Duty and served a tour of duty in Vietnam. He has written several books including, ‘Overcoming The Fear Of Public Speaking’…’The Man In The Alley’…’Paw Prints In Heaven’ and I am the author and creator of ‘The Future Is Now’.

Don and Jim are hired to help coaches, consultants, authors, speakers and entrepreneurs? Are you looking to grow your business? We show you how to find your voice and share the story of your business so you attract a large and loyal following. We have a talented line-up of Training Directors who provide valuable training on a host of topics relevant to you, an entrepreneur, as you grow your business.

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