Meet this years speakers and trainers

Robert W. Jones

Founder of Network Together, SEO Expert, Media Stage Personality, Published Poet, Community Organizer, and Former US Marine

Robert W. Jones is the Founder and Owner of Network Together, LLC the largest non-franchised independently owned business networking organization in Arizona. He is a former Internet Marketer, Speaker, Leader and Mentor to business owners looking to practice the skills of networking, public speaking, digital promotion and event presentation.

His company puts on over 1000 events and meetings per year and has at least 12 large-sized event management projects per year with his company NT Events. Colleagues call Robert an energy creator as he uses his skills to engage, lead and inspire, as he teaches his Network Together Way to audiences. He has media experience on stage, on set, and in studio as a host or guest.

Robert attributes much of his success to his 20 years of independent business ownership with one of the most successful boutique style Search Engine Optimization and Web Design Companies in America and his experience as a community leader and social arts organizer. He has help raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for not-for-profit agencies and has sat on boards of publicly traded corporations.

Robert is a happily married Father of 4 children and husband of a wonderful and indecently successful Wife and Mother, Shawn Jones. A former US MARINE, published poet, avid runner and current health nut, Robert understands the subtle intricacies of life balance. Look for Robert in person, online or in video, he is ready to get your network, working today.

Jay Tenenbaum

Asset Manager, AZP Capital LLC

AZP Capital, LLC is an Arizona Real Estate Investment firm, specializing in acquiring Non-Performing 1st Trust Deeds, Mortgages and REO's secured by residential properties nationwide. Our core strength is the ability to create passive cash flow through traditional industry exit strategies.

In addition, AZP Capital, LLC has created a unique seller finance platform which monetizes the asset through several revenue streams. We work with investors to build a portfolio of passive income investments.

Jay Tenenbaum brings his extensive experience and expertise in debt collection, workouts and legal knowledge to this arena of distressed assets. His experience in achieving resolution in a professional and amicable manner is an appreciable benefit to the company.

Noah St. John

Founder and Owner of Success Clinic, Author and Keynote speaker

Noah St. John helps people make money: Since 1997, he's helped his coaching clients add more than $2 BILLION dollars in sales.

Noah is the only author in history to have works published by Hay House, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, MindValley, Nightingale-Conant, and the Chicken Soup for the Soul publisher. His 14 books have been published in 18 languages.

A highly in-demand keynote speaker, Noah is famous for inventing AFFORMATIONS® - a new technology of the mind and helping people get rid of their head trash so they make more money. Meeting planners call Noah St. John ?A BIG draw? and ?A MUST-HAVE RESOURCE for every organization.

One of the world's most sought-after experts on personal growth and business development, Noah also appears frequently in the news worldwide, including ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, The Hallmark Channel, NPR, PARADE, Woman's Day, Los Angeles Business Journal, Washington Post, Chicago Sun-Times,, Selling Power and The Huffington Post.

Get Noah's new book Get Rid of Your Head Trash About Money FREE at

Darin Adams

Darin Adams, Infusionsoft Speaker, TV Personality, Author & Passionator

Darin Adams is an award-winning marketing expert who has coached thousands of businesses how to build connections with their audiences. All success starts with relationships and he has taught people all around the world how to build those relationships through automation. Now he’s here to show you how you can get organized, save time and grow your business while working less.

As a relationship expert who utilizes automation, be prepared to: *Learn how to attract new customers and offer them something that will be specific to what they want. *Discover why "closing the deal" is the least important aspect of making a sale. *Find out what you can do to impress customers and get them to turn into walking referrals for you.

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